Sunday, January 31, 2010

Openbox, ADeskBar, LXPanel

ArchLinux Desktop Screenshot Openbox, ADeskBar, LXPanel Clean
ArchLinux Desktop Screenshot Openbox, ADeskBar, LXPanel Dirty
Here is my current setup for my laptop. Arch Linux, Openbox, ADeskBar on the left (start/menu button, firefox, thunar, terminal, minimize all windows) and LXPanel with SlicknesS Black GTK theme on the right. I used a custom background for the panels and positioned them very accurately to make them appear and function as a single taskbar.

I used Token icon theme by ~brev as a basis to make the custom panel icons, it includes a PSD file which can be used to apply layer effects to your icons.

I'm using xdotool for the menu to start the openbox menu on clicking the start button icon. Here is a detailed tutorial of how it basically works.

GTK Theme is Murrine-Colors Brave, Openbox theme a slightly modified version of my Dark Fiber openbox theme, icons are Elementary.