Sunday, February 22, 2009

DarkFiber Openbox Theme

Sorry for the lack of updates I have been a bit lazy and busy with work and school. I've been messing with an old Pentium 3 (730Mhz, 256 SDRAM, 40GB Hard Drive) system and decided to create another openbox theme.

I call it DarkFiber, I used the popular Onyx theme as the bases.
DarkFiber Openbox Theme
I'm using a slightly edited Clearlooks Colors (Clearlooks Brave) theme. I also have lxpanel at the bottom which is being started with a separate edited SlicknesS-black theme. This is how you do it:
GTK2_RC_FILES=/home/username/.themes/SlicknesS-black/gtk-2.0/gtkrc lxpanel
bash -c 'GTK2_RC_FILES=/home/username/.themes/SlicknesS-black/gtk-2.0/gtkrc lxpanel'
If you want to start it from gmrun or openbox menu.

Icons are my favorite Eikon theme, conky is similar to my regular setup which can be found further down on this blog with edited colors. Wallpaper is Aerostream. Sorry to lazy to find links for each one but you should be able to find everything quite easily.

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