Sunday, February 13, 2011

AssaultCube, Quake2 and AQ2 Mods/Paks

Here is a re-release of pak files and mods I made for AssaultCube, Quake2 and Action Quake2 mod. These custom modifications change the overall appearance of the in-game hud graphics and other images for each game.

(for AssaultCube) Protox Mod: download here
Protox Mod for AssaultCube Preview
Protox Mod for AssaultCube in Game Preview
(for Quake2) PrimoTurbo's Quake2 Pak: download here
PrimoTurbo's Quake2 Pak Preview
(for Action Quake2) PrimoTurbo's Pro Pak: download here
PrimoTurbo's Pro Pak for Quake2


zerg_MoD_SquaD said...

man i miss Action Quake 2 :(

zerg_MoD_SquaD said...
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