Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blogger Theme Change

I've modified the blogger theme, for the 2 or 3 people who occasionally frequent this blog maybe you will notice. I originally wanted to select one of the newer themes available for blogger, but this completely messed up the text and image layout I had going. The HTML mark up of posts appears to be depended on the blog width. So I manually modified the original theme and changed a bunch of things, but primary colors and fonts. Maybe one day I will attempt to fix each post, the blogger compose mode is to blame and the way it adds images.

I also added a Links section, and will eventually add websites/resources that are related or that I frequent. I highly recommend checking out K.Mandla’s blog if you haven't already. K.Mandla is a minimalist when it comes to software and operating systems. I've been visiting the blog for a while and he updates it frequently with very informative articles about his experiences running light software and system configurations on older hardware. I agree with his philosophies about software becoming way too bloated to accomplish the same tasks, but I am not as dedicated or experienced in managing such minimal system configurations.

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